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Wherever You Go, There You Are

Director Lily Ahree Siegel goes on a playfully sardonic escapade as she ventures beyond city limits – and air conditioning – into the Sipsey Wilderness in Northwest Alabama. It is her home state, after all; a land she once passed, but never knew. Will meeting others who are in tune with the spell this area cast help reconcile that Wilderness is for her too?

Director, Editor and Cinematography: Lily Ahree Siegel

Southern Exposure Production Team:

Series Producer: Michele Forman

Impact Producer: Kelly Marshall


Additional Camera: Noah Cain, Matthew J Grcic, Jess Lingle, Nora Long and Ingrid Pfau

Drone Pilot: David Shaddix

Special thanks to Wild Alabama


Janice Barrett

Nelson Brooke

Maggie Johnston

Anne Markham Bailey

Angie Shugart

Kim Waites

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