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My Partner Lives In My Phone

Struggling in a long distance relationship, a couple make a last attempt to find intimacy over the internet.

18+ Advised.

Made through Netflix's initiative, "It's Funny Because It's True," which is sponsored by Netflix and HotDocs.


It’s Funny Because It’s True is an initiative that gave five filmmakers the chance to create a short documentary exploring the funnier side of nonfiction.

Also available to watch on Netflix's YouTube Channel.


Producers/Directors: Lily Ahree Siegel & Hugh Clegg

Line Producer: Jennifer Crystal Chien

Cinematographer: Linda Wu

Editor: Jon Crook

Production Design: Sehar Kidwai
Sound Designer/Sound Mix & Location Sound: Guldem Masa

Composers: Hannah Barnett & Noa Margalit

Production Manager: Caoimhe Sheehan

Assistant Camera: Bernat Bonaventura

Colourist & Online Editor: Esther Woodbridge

Titles & Graphics: Emma Beinish

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