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The Space Between You & Me


Lily is a Korean-American adoptee, exploring the trauma of international adoption through her birth mother, Myungsoon, and another Korean American adoptee, Emily. The reasons for adoption are often complex, sad, and bittersweet. Through sharing Korean culture, making kimchi, or getting a tattoo, Emily and Lily have different ways to reclaim their lost identity. But can they ever find belonging between these two worlds?


Featuring Emily Flynn, Chloe Flynn, Hank Flynn and Myungsoon Ji

Director & Producer: Lily Ahree Siegel

Cinematographers: Dilenia Rodriguez, Hugh Clegg

Editor: Jon Crook
Composer: Hannah Barrett
Sound Design/Mix: Dan Hibbert
Production Sound Mixer: Sam Thomas

Colourist & Online Editor: Jongheon Lee

Production Manager: Tania Louro Perez

Titles & Graphics: Emma Beinish

Interpreter & Translator: Jiyoung Park

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